Our unique knowledge and experience in the tax arena allows us to assist our clients through the complex, often multi-jurisdictional and technical world of tax. This can range from structural advice, assisting with questions, queries or an audit to dispute resolution and litigation.
We provide tailored and practical advice.

We advise on all aspects of New Zealand direct and indirect taxation including income tax, GST/PAYE and duties. We seek technically correct, commercial, sustainable tax solutions for our clients.

Every transaction has a taxation consequence, either directly or indirectly, and often in ways which are not anticipated. We help our clients to identify those consequences and we provide solutions to ensure that every transaction undertaken is properly understood and is tax efficient.
We can assist with the full spectrum of your commercial activities, from transaction structuring and due diligence to property taxation, investment and corporate restructuring.

Other areas in which we can assist include:

  • binding and non-binding tax rulings;
  • negotiations and disputes with the Inland Revenue Department; and
  • tax litigation and advocacy.

Taxation law is an ever-changing field. We closely monitor current developments and the impact any changes have on our clients and regularly make submissions on proposed legislative changes.

We play a key role in resolving tax audits and disputes with New Zealand’s Inland Revenue Department and the Australian Tax Office. Clients have been represented in tribunals and courts at all levels, in both the civil and criminal jurisdictions.

We provide structuring and tax advice to private and public companies, individuals and unincorporated bodies at every stage of their development.

Serving clients both in New Zealand and off-shore and we provide advice on tax-effective structures for domestic and international business operations. We have worked collaboratively with other domestic and international advisors, including legal and accounting firms as well as investment banks, to successfully deliver a range of options for our client.