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Cash is King

Cashflow is vital to the survival of any business. While the profit or "bottom line" often takes the spotlight, cashflow is even more critical for business success. Relationships with suppliers and staff depend on your ability to pay them...

Considering Restructuring in Corporate Insolvency

The economic environment that the world has found itself in over the last year or so has had an impact on all businesses and individuals. In particular, the term restructuring seems to have risen from the ashes to become the new term of...

Risk Management Key to Preventing Disasters

We often hear about successful business owners who expand during the good times only to find that they lose everything when one deal goes sour. How could they get things so wrong?

Law Change Affects Debtors and Creditors

One of the risks that all businesses face is the threat of not getting funds owing to them, or being able to maintain sufficient leverage to keep the business running. Although a liquidator has the power to overturn transactions between an...