Our approach is to manage disputes in a commercial and cost-effective way to achieve your objectives as the client. This includes exploring settlement options and other dispute resolution methods when appropriate. We seek to identify key issues early, assess the strengths and weaknesses of your position, and determine the best overall strategy for you – whether through formal litigation, mediation, negotiation or other dispute resolution techniques.

In order to deliver value to you in this area, we understand that a good understanding of your business and commercial needs is fundamental.

We understand that a good understanding of your business and commercial needs is fundamental to delivering value to you in this area.

We have acted in the District Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and specialist tribunals and commissions.

Our firm’s practice covers the full range of commercial disputes and we assist clients in many areas, including:

  • Contractual disputes
  • Commerce Act and competition matters
  • Commercial property disputes
  • Debt Recovery
  • Insolvency
  • Judicial reviews and appeals against decision-makers
  • Liability of corporate trustees, directors and auditors
  • Partnership disputes
  • Arbitrations
  • Broadcasting Standards Authority proceedings
  • Tax litigation
  • Media Law
  • Advising and working with overseas firms and clients

We believe that we have the skills and experience to deliver effective results for our clients. We have:

  • outstanding specialist expertise in the dispute resolution and litigation area;
  • tailored work to suit the subject matter and our clients’ needs;
  • the ability to manage disputes throughout the country and we also have extensive experience in cross-border disputes;
  • timely, relevant, practical, accessible and useable advice for our clients.